An Orchestrated Impulse


An Orchestrated Impulse is a body of work that represents the desire to communicate across distance, across mediums, in different creative languages, to convey a sincere mutual appreciation for and reflection of one another’s perspectives.

The collection, a collaborative effort between visual artist Eva Magill-Oliver and recording artists Matt Pond and Chris Hansen, comprises twelve paintings and twelve instrumental compositions across twelve keys. The artists have responded to each other’s work over time and across wireless miles in the languages they speak most fluently, adding to the collection as a reaction to what they’ve seen and heard from each other. In its completed state, An Orchestrated Impulse is intended to be interactively experienced in a way that allows the observer to choose what they see and hear most intensely.

The installation is meant to create a dialogue between artists, a dialogue that will include the viewer/listener. The proximity to each piece will bring the individual parts into focus, a “mix” of sound and vision.

In its completed state, for the first time, the project’s parts will exist in the same space: an exhibit of twelve paintings, each accompanied by one of the corresponding twelve tracks.

The viewer/listener is compelled to participate whether they stand still or move about the room. Since the music pieces are all different lengths and looped, the music will always be organically changing on its own — the experience will never be the same twice.